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Story of WHOLEHEARTED LEARNING:A Guidebook for Parents

Ron Lundquist began his professional career as an adjunct professor at Regent University where he co-developed Regent University’s first graduate course on character development for Christian educators. Understanding the crucial role the home plays for developing children with wholeness and character in a deteriorating culture he authored this book for guiding parents to become influential role models for their children. Establishing this foundation he then gives practical guidance to parents on how to love, bond, discipline, and mentor their children during the three phases of growth from infancy to young adulthood.  With his rich understanding of Hebrew, Ron systematically reveals God’s wholehearted learning process describing and then narrating how experiential heart-to-heart relational living proves itself true! Ron authored this guidebook as a roadmap for his three children to use in raising their children, and for all parents who desire to nurture the greatest fulfillment in the lives of their own children.

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